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condensate system
Condensate harvesting system at Manual Lujan Sr. Building in Santa Fe NW. Installed in 2013, captures condensate for cooling tower make-up. Estimated to save 500,000 gallons per year.

An often overlooked source of harvested water is the condensate that comes from cooling coils of any air conditioning system. Condensate is an excellent source of clean water that can be directed back into the cooling tower system or for other uses with minimum treatment. The amount of condensate coming from a cooling system is directly proportional to the load on the system, meaning that the more water being lost through evaporation, the more is available as condensate. A cooling system in a commercial building can generate a million gallons or more of condensate each cooling season. This quality source of harvestable water is usually redirected and wasted into the municipal stormwater system.

Cooling condensate is also a great way to increase the efficiency of a rainwater harvesting system by providing a daily supply of harvested water even during periods of drought. That can help reduce the days when municipal water needs to be added to the system.

The Value of Condensate Harvesting

What is the value of a condensate harvesting system? When evaluating in terms of the number of gallons of condensate that could be harvested per year, it depends on the size of the building and the amount of cooling required each year. The following chart provides rough estimations based on 50,000 square foot buildings located in different cities throughout the country. Actual water savings can vary from the values listed here, but this chart is helpful in understanding the potential for a condensate harvesting system in different areas.

Condensate Value Chart

*In the chart above, the “Cooling Degree Day” (CDD) metric is the number of degrees that a day’s average temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is typically when people begin to use air conditioning to cool their buildings. The price of weather derivatives trading in the summer are based on an index made up of monthly cooling degree day values.

Condensate Harvesting System Schematic

Wahaso Condensate Harvesting System

Harvesting condensate water is usually a fairly simple operation, even in an existing building, and can be as simple as redirecting the waste line to the water harvesting system. Wahaso is happy to talk with you about your cooling system and the opportunities for harvesting and applying this valuable source of reusable water- contact us today!

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