Ideal Rainwater Uses

Harvesting rainwater has been practiced for centuries, and it is still a great way to capture and reuse extra water. Rainwater is mostly clean, so it is simpler to utilize than other renewable water sources, such as greywater, however it is still not ideal for drinking water.

Toilet Flushing
A single toilet flush can use anywhere from 5 up to 7 gallons of water, especially with older toilets. Using rainwater instead of municipal water to flush toilets can reduce overall water usage, as well as the cost of your water bill.

Watering Your Lawn
While the original rainfall will water your lawn at the time, harvesting additional rainwater will allow you to water your lawn without using municipal water from the hose when rain is less frequent. More than half of the water we use outdoors is for watering our lawns, totaling almost 9 billion gallons per day across the nation. For this reason, any amount of renewable water used instead of fully clean water makes a difference.

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