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Water Harvesting Solutions is happy to share these downloadable resources that visitors may find helpful as they learn more about water harvesting.

Wahaso Products and Services – Document Downloads

Wahaso’s Scoping Process

Learn more about how Wahaso scopes a project. Includes information on how we identify potential supplies and uses for non-potable water and how we calculate supply and demand for a system. Download Wahaso Scoping Process.

Wahaso’s Greywater (Gray Water) Systems

Wahaso’s patent-pending greywater harvesting system is explained in detail. This is the system currently in NSF-350 certification for safety and effectiveness in processing gray water. Download Wahaso’s Greywater System Info Sheet.

Wahaso Control Systems

All functions of a rainwater or greywater harvesting system must be monitored and managed by a smart central controller. Learn more about how Wahaso designs and builds custom control systems that also record and graphically report system activity. Download Wahaso Controls Information Sheet.

Wahaso Pressurization Skids

Critical to any rainwater or gray water harvesting system is the pressurization system that will provide the correct amount of GPM and PSI to deliver harvested water to the point of use. Wahaso designs and builds custom pressurization skids that come pre-tested with complete controls, warranty and on-site commissioning. Download information sheet on Wahaso’s Pressurization Skids.

Wahaso’s Atlantis Tank System

Wahaso recommends the Atlantis D-Raintank system for rainwater harvesting systems. The system is infinitely scalable and flexible, uses recycled polypropylene and passively protects water quality in the tank. And it is less expensive than fiberglass or concrete storage systems. Download Info on the Atlantis System.

CorGal Steel Tanks from Wahaso

For above-ground storage of harvested rainwater or stormwater, CorGal tanks offer unlimited options and sizes in attractive, long-lasting corrugated steel. Download information on CorGal tanks from Wahaso.

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