Wahaso Mentioned in Net Zero Buildings Magazine

Imperfect Storm

Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso) was mentioned in “Imperfect Storm,” an article in the most recent edition of Net Zero Buildings magazine that focuses on commercial water harvesting systems. You can read the full article here.

Some excerpts include:

“‘Rooftop rainwater can save 500,000 gallons annually; cooling coil condensation can save 400,000 gallons/year; and parking lot rainwater can account for nearly 2,000,000 gallons/years,’ says John R. Bauer, President, Wahaso – Water Harvesting Solutions.”

“One of the first and most important things to consider when talking design: “Make a significant and meaningful impact on reducing the amount of municipal water use,” says Bauer. Keep the system as simple as possible, and match a system to meet the unique characteristics of the building.

“Wahaso’s Bauer suggests owners need to identify and quantify all potential sources and uses of onsite water for reuse. Next, look at the total supply and demand but also the seasonality to balance the two. Also, when looking for an efficient system, design a system for the most contaminated water source, optimize the cistern size and identify options and the relative cost and benefit, and create metrics and goals for the system.”

Click here to the read the issue online, or click here to download the entire issue as a PDF file on your computer.