Wahaso Provides a Sustainable Water System for the Rooftop Greenhouse in Bronx, NY

We are excited about our recent project for the Forest House development in the Bronx, New York. Together with partner Oldcastle Precast, Wahaso provided a complete water harvesting solution for the eight story low-income housing complex. The project is very unique in that it features a 10,000 square foot hydroponic rooftop farm that will provide jobs and fresh produce to local Bronx residents. Wahaso designed and built the rainwater harvesting system that will capture rainwater from the greenhouse roof and hardscapes around the building to provide irrigation water for the greenhouse plants.

Forest_House_Building copy

Rainwater is an ideal water source for watering plants because it is naturally “soft” with almost no dissolved solids, like calcium or iron that could affect the plants negatively or clog the drip irrigation systems. We always sanitize onsite water sources before they are applied for reuse in commercial properties. It is an important simple step that helps reduce any chance of residents or the public being harmed by pathogens that could come from collection services. For this project, we used ultra violet light (U.V.) as the sanitation method. U.V. is effective, chemical-free and requires almost no maintenance to protect water quality month to month.

One challenge in many buildings is finding a place to put the cistern for water storage. For an urban building like this, there is no area outside the building to bury a storage tank. So Wahaso worked with Oldcastle to create a concrete vault system that was integrated into the basement of the structure. This was a fitting approach for Forest House, as it is built entirely of precast units from Oldcastle. For more information and images, read the Forest House case study here.