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For any water harvesting plan, a careful assessment should be made of the sources and needs for harvested waters. The following calculator can provide a rough assessment of these numbers for your project.

All fields are required. Enter numbers only - no commas. Enter 0's if data is not relevant.

What will you see? If you would like to see a sample of the output from the Calculator that can also help you interpret the results, click here.
  • On average, how many people will occupy your building on any given day?
  • On average, how many days per week will your building be occupied by the majority of people? (think "normal work week" - 5 or 6, or residential use - 7)
  • On average, how many hours per day will the building be occupied by these people (think "normal work week" 8-10, or residential use - 24)
  • Will the building have extra-high efficiency toilets and urinals (1 gallon flush or less)? Answer "Yes" or "No"
  • For the next 3 questions, visit Weatherbase and enter the zip code for your building to determine average rainfall quantities in your area.
  • What is the average annual total number of inches of rain in your area? )
  • Look at the monthly averages for rainfall. What is the average rainfall during the lowest month?
  • Look at the monthly averages for rainfall. What is the average rainfall during the highest month?
  • Enter the approximate dimensions of the building's rooftop accessible to rainfall:
  • Roof length (in feet)
  • Roof Width (in feet))
  • Enter the approximate dimensions of the parking area accessible to rainfall:
  • Parking area length (in feet)
  • Parking area width (in feet)
  • Wahaso can provide a preliminary monthly analysis & report for your building and area at no charge. Contact Us if you are interested.
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