Why Should You Consider a Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System for Your Project?

Commercial water harvesting systems are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Canada, and some of the reasons are as follows:

Water resources are stressed in communities throughout the United Sates, and corporations realize that they have an obligation to reduce their impact on the environment and those resources.

Stormwater runoff is a big issue – particularly for commercial projects with large, impermeable rooftops and parking areas. One commercial rainwater harvesting system can prevent tens of thousands of gallons of stormwater run-off every time it rains and help save 2-3 million gallons of municipal water per year.

Reduced usage of municipal water translates into thousands of dollars in water and sewer bills each year for the life of the building, providing a real ROI.

Whether you’re striving to be a more “green” company or you’re searching for long term cost savings, a commercial rainwater harvesting system can help. Systems by Wahaso include commercial-grade filters, sanitation, pressurization and control components assuring water safety and reliability required for commercial buildings with minimal maintenance. Depending on the project location, grants and incentives may be available to offset commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Many communities are now taxing impermeable run-off and a harvesting system can reduce or eliminate those fees.

It’s estimated that 90% or more of the water used by office buildings, schools, shopping centers and other public or commercial properties could be replaced with non-potable water from on-site rainwater harvesting. Wahaso is proud to provide commercial water harvesting systems that can help maximize your water savings and optimize ROI.

If you have questions about how much you can save with a water harvesting system, or if you’re ready to start planning your system today, contact us today to get started on your free analysis!