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Published: Jan. 11, 2023 | by Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions

Rainwater Collection Systems, Commercial Rainwater Collection System by Wahaso

Rainwater collection systems are common to projects that can take advantage of rooftop rain. Wahaso specializes in Commercial Rainwater Collection Systems.

The following factors contribute to a successful rainwater collection project:

  • It is located in a region with plentiful rainfall,
  • the project is required to capture a certain percentage of rainwater on site,
  • there is a reasonably sized rooftop and
  • there is a high enough water demand volume.

Although recycled rainwater is most commonly used for irrigation, it is also used for toilet flushing, cooling tower makeup, pools and fountains, laundry wash, site and vehicle wash , boiler makeup , Reverse Osmosis supply and other demand categories.

New construction and gut renovation projects can potentially pursue all water source and demand categories, while standard retrofit projects cannot pursue graywater suppy, nor toilet flushing and reverse osmosis demand.


Complimentary Scoping Process

To help determine project feasibility Wahaso offers a complimentary Scoping Process, where project-specific water supply and demand data is processed by our modeling software to develop an initial analysis for your review.

If initial findings allow, we can then proceed to develop a mechanical sequence, customized schematic drawing, and customized specification as the basis for a plug-and-play skidded Wahaso system.

Please contact us to learn more about how rainwater collection and reuse systems can benefit your projects.


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