Discover Popular Industries That Implement Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Date: February 27, 2024 | by Wahaso, Commercial Water Harvesting Recycling Systems
Discover Popular Industries That Implement Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Wahaso Explores Popular Industries That Implement Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems have gained popularity across various industries as the global focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices continues to grow. These systems capture and store rainwater for irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling tower systems, laundry wash, and other demand categories, and this article will explore business sectors that have embraced their use and will highlight their benefits.

Commercial Buildings Leading the Way in Water Sustainability

  • Multiresidential Buildings and Mixed-Use: The residential development sector continues to expand rainwater harvesting systems in large-scale projects. Rainwater harvesting reduces potable water demand and related operational expenses, while showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship within communities, and often results in higher property values due to enhanced public recognition
  • Corporate Offices: More companies continue to install commercial rainwater harvesting systems in office complexes, tech campuses, and even smaller branches if pursuing a deep commitment to reducing environmental impact. These buildings collect, treat, and store rainwater to be used for flushing toilets, watering landscaping, cooling tower systems, and even laundry wash
  • Retail Properties: Shopping centers are also leading the way in water sustainability with the implementation of commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Often coming with large rooftops, these properties can play a major role in saving water for irrigation and cooling tower makeup, but also contribute to stormwater runoff mitigation from surrounding landscape and parking lots
  • Pharmaceuticals and Bio Tech: The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have also become leaders in sustainable water management through incorporating commercial rainwater harvesting to reduce water usage for toilet flushing, irrigation, and even for manufacturing process demand

Rainwater Harvesting in the Hospitality Industry

  • Cost Savings: Integrating a commercial scale rainwater harvesting system is an effective way for hotels and resorts to reduce water consumption and save significantly on water costs. By using rainwater for non-potable demands, businesses can reduce their reliance on increasingly costly municipal water
  • Environmental Sustainability: Rainwater harvesting helps hotel and hospitality chains lower their environmental impact by reducing the strain on local water supplies, especially in drought-prone regions where water access is constantly challenged
  • Enhanced Reputation: Hotels often bolster their reputations among sustainability minded guests. Demonstrating a commitment to conservation practices can attract customers who prioritize similar ideals

Reducing Water Costs and Environmental Impact in Manufacturing

  1. Implementing a rainwater harvesting system can significantly reduce water costs for manufacturers of all kinds
  2. Alongside cost savings, rainwater harvesting help manufacturers meet ESG and Sustainability goals
  3. Rooftop rainwater can be treated for irrigation and cooling tower makeup, but also commercial laundry wash, site and vehicle fleet wash, as well as manufacturing processes themselves
  4. Harvesting rainwater also reduces stormwater runoff, helping to mitigate flooding, CSO and regional contamination

Colleges, universities, and K-12

Fostering Sustainability With Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems


  • Higher education institutions across the country are increasingly turning to rainwater harvesting systems to manage stormwater runoff and reduce municipal water consumption, a crucial part of campuswide sustainability programs
  • Similarly, K-12 school districts and private schools are also embracing rainwater harvesting as a cost-effective solution for maintaining green spaces, particularly in regions with seasonal droughts and/or high irrigation or cooling tower makeup demand
  • By incorporating these practices into daily operations, educational facilities not only reduce their environmental impact but also provide valuable lessons on environmental stewardship to students

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