Discover These Greywater Projects Using Grey Water Systems

Discover These Greywater Projects Using Grey Water Systems

Published: Feb. 18, 2023 | by Wahaso Grey Water Systems

Discover These Greywater Projects Using Grey Water Systems

Greywater systems offer a sustainable solution for developers, architects, engineers, and building owners seeking to reduce their project’s water footprint.

Many medium to large scale properties have hundreds of thousands to millions of gallons of annual water demand for flush fixtures, irrigation systems, cooling towers, boilers, laundry water, and other categories.

By integrating a greywater system to capture and treating water from showers, lav sinks, and laundry machines, hotels and resorts, multi-family apartments, dorms, military barracks, and correctional facilities, are able to reduce water consumption from over 750,000 gallons on average to 3 million gallons or more per year.

A few recent projects Wahaso has worked on illustrate the powerful impact greywater recycling can offer:


Olympic & Hill features a 700-unit luxury high rise building above a commercial space in Downtown Los Angeles.

For this project, Wahaso designed a greywater system to capture and treat shower, laundry, and cooling condensate water to serve cooling tower makeup demand.

  1. Average Annual Supply – 12 million gallons of shower, laundry, and condensate water
  2. Average Annual Demand – 2 million+ gallons of cooling tower makeup water

Because the greywater supply greatly exceeds the water demand, the project team has an opportunity to reduce costs by scaling back the volume of water supply.

Menlo Portal is a mixed-use project featuring a 300-unit rental building, childcare center, and office space in Menlo Park, California.

Here, Wahaso designed a greywater system to capture and treat shower and lav sink water to serve toilet flushing and irrigation demand.

  1. Average Annual Supply – 6 million gallons of shower and lav sink water
  2. Average Annual Demand – 2 million gallons of toilet flushing and irrigation water

Similar to Olympic & Hill, the design team was able to reduce the volume of greywater supply because it far exceeded the volume of water demands.

Magnolia Safeway Mixed-Use includes a 130-unit condominium above a grocery store in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Working with the MEP firm leading the project, Wahaso designed a greywater system to capture and treat shower and groundwater to serve toilet flushing, irrigation, and hose bibb demand.

  1. Average Annual Supply – 3 million gallons of shower and groundwater
  2. Average Annual Demand – 800,000 gallons of toilet flushing, irrigation, and hose bibb water

Thanks to an abundance of supply, the system will serve 100% of water demand, while helping meet the stringent water conservation requirements within the Living Building Challenge Pilot Program.

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From these examples, it’s clear greywater recycling can be an effective tool in reducing a buildings’ water footprint.

If you would like to learn more about Wahaso’s greywater systems, contact us today.


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