Harvesting Rainwater is Smart in the US Southwestern Deserts

Published: Oct 12, 2022 | by Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions

Harvesting Rainwater is Smart in the US Southwestern Deserts

You might be surprised at how much pure water rooftop rainwater harvesting can collect. During the southwest desert’s monsoon season, thousands of gallons can be collected and stored. In fact, with wise water usage, the amount of water collected from rain can last all year.

In many areas of the desert southwest, wells must be drilled down hundreds or even thousands of feet. Not only is this costly, but desert wells also tend to dry out. Often, this is because nearby big cities have drained away all of the groundwater. Even if you currently have a well, a rooftop rainwater harvesting system is a smart addition. If and when your well fails, you’ll still have plenty of rainwater.

Also, well water is often contaminated with harmful chemical runoff from both farms and mining. Radon, toxic heavy metals, and minerals can also contaminate well water. On the other hand, rainwater is nearly pure; in rural areas, the only contaminants are dust from the roof. In urban areas, air pollution must also be filtered out. Filtering rainwater is relatively simple since it contains very little solid or dissolved contaminants.


The biggest cost of a simple rainwater harvesting system is the storage tank. You can either go with one large tank that can hold thousands of gallons or many smaller barrels. Whether you choose a simple or a complex rainwater collection system, rainwater can be a lifesaver if you live in the desert.

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