LEED v4 Compliance Made Easy: Wahaso’s Approach to Cooling Tower Water Use Reduction

Date: April 30, 2024 | by Wahaso, Commercial Water Harvesting Recycling Systems
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To Help buildings achieve LEED v4 compliance, Wahaso has developed the CT Recover cooling tower blowdown recycling system.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable building design, adherence to green building standards has become paramount. Among these standards, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification stands out as a hallmark of environmentally responsible construction and operation.

In particular, LEED v4 places a significant emphasis on water conservation, making it essential for engineers and architects to find innovative solutions to reduce water usage while maintaining operational efficiency. One area where this challenge is particularly pronounced is in cooling tower systems.

Cooling towers play a crucial role in many commercial and industrial facilities,

…providing the necessary heat exchange to regulate temperatures in HVAC systems and industrial processes. However, traditional cooling tower operation often results in substantial water wastage through blowdown, the process of removing concentrated mineral-laden water to prevent scaling and corrosion. To address this issue and help buildings achieve LEED v4 compliance, Wahaso has developed the CT Recover cooling tower blowdown recycling system.

LEED v4 sets specific criteria for cooling tower water use reduction, with points awarded based on the number of cycles achieved without exceeding certain filtration levels or affecting the operation of the condenser water system.

The maximum parameters for condenser water quality are defined in terms of various chemical concentrations and conductivity levels. The maximum levels are the following:

LEED v4 Compliance Made Easy Cooling Tower Water Use Reduction

Wahaso’s CT Recover system not only help cooling towers meet these stringent requirements

…but also offers a comprehensive solution for sustainable water management in cooling tower applications. At its core, the CT Recover system employs advanced filtration and treatment technologies to effectively recycle blowdown water from cooling towers, enabling multiple cycles of water usage before discharge. It does this by utilizing a 2 stage approach. The first, stage, employs Modified Ultra-Filtration to remove all bacteria, legionella and suspended solids.

The second stage is a TDS (total dissolved solids) management system which both removes TDS while also blending the water back into the cooling tower so that it is not aggressive to any metal components. This approach addresses two key aspects of LEED v4 compliance: achieving a minimum number of cycles and meeting the water quality parameters. By significantly reducing the volume of fresh water required for makeup, the CT Recover system helps buildings meet LEED v4 criteria while minimizing environmental impact.

One of the primary challenges in achieving higher cycles of concentration in cooling tower systems is the risk of scale formation and corrosion, which can lead to reduced efficiency and equipment damage.

Wahaso’s CT Recover system mitigates these risks through its advanced filtrationp rocess.

By carefully controlling water chemistry and employing state-of-the-art filtration technologies, the system ensures that recycled water meets the specified quality standards for condenser water makeup.

Furthermore, Wahaso’s approach emphasizes the use of recycled nonpotable water, aligning with LEED v4’s emphasis on water efficiency and conservation. By integrating the CT Recover system with rainwater harvesting or graywater reuse systems, buildings can further reduce reliance on municipal water sources and enhance their overall sustainability performance. This holistic approach to water management not only helps achieve

LEED v4 compliance but also contributes to long-term cost savings and environmental stewardship.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Wahaso’s CT Recover system offers practical advantages for building owners and operators. By reducing water consumption and minimizing the need for chemical treatment, the system helps lower operating costs and extend the lifespan of cooling tower equipment. In retrofit applications cooling tower can reduce water usage by up to 75% and chemical costs by up to 50%. Moreover, its modular design and customizable configurations make it suitable for a wide range of building sizes and cooling load requirements, providing flexibility and scalability for diverse applications.

Wahaso’s CT Recover cooling tower blowdown recycling system offers a compelling solution for achieving LEED v4 compliance in cooling tower water use reduction.

In conclusion, Wahaso’s CT Recover cooling tower blowdown recycling system offers a compelling solution for achieving LEED v4 compliance in cooling tower water use reduction. By effectively recycling blowdown water, maintaining water quality, and integrating with other water reuse systems, the CT Recover system enables engineers and architects to meet LEED v4 criteria while promoting sustainable building practices.

As the demand for green building solutions continues to grow, innovative technologies like the CT Recover system play a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable construction and operation.

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