Sustainable Water Management: A Deep Dive into Cooling Tower Blowdown Solutions by Wahaso

Date: April 25, 2024 | by Wahaso, Commercial Water Harvesting Recycling Systems
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A Deep Dive into Sustainable Water Management as is relates to Cooling Tower Blowdown

In the realm of engineering and facility management, the management of cooling tower blowdown poses a substantial challenge. As critical thinkers and decision-makers, engineers, contractors, and building owners must navigate through a sea of solutions to address water conservation and quality while maintaining operational efficiency. This article serves as a technical exploration of Wahaso’s innovative approach to cooling tower blowdown management – the CT Recover System.

Conventional methods often resort to the indiscriminate use of chemicals to reduce cycles of concentration in cooling tower systems. However, this approach is not only costly but also fails to address the root cause of dissolved solids in the water. As astute engineers and stakeholders, it’s imperative to seek solutions that offer a more comprehensive and sustainable approach.

Consider the staggering water consumption as it relates to Cooling Tower Evaporation Rate, which can devour over 40,000 gallons of water daily.

This colossal demand underscores the urgency for a solution that not only conserves water but also mitigates the adverse effects of hard water, which can drastically reduce the cycles of concentration in cooling towers.

Enter the CT Recover System by Wahaso – a groundbreaking solution tailored for commercial and industrial facilities with cooling towers of 200 tons or larger. At its core, this innovative system embodies a commitment to efficiency without compromise, driven by advanced filtration and reuse technologies.

Central to the CT Recover System is its advanced filtration technology, which goes beyond mere chemical treatment. Utilizing a patented two stage Modified Ultra-Filtration and TDS reduction system CT Recover removes suspended and dissolved solids while blending the water to be properly balanced for the mechanical equipment. By meticulously removing impurities and then blending dissolved minerals, our system ensures that re-circulated water is not only polished but also safe for cooling tower components. This meticulous approach eliminates the problem of low cycles of concentration, scaling, legionella bacteria, and oil and grease contaminants, delivering unparalleled water purity up to 12 cycles of concentration.

What sets the CT Recover System apart is its emphasis on efficiency and peace of mind.

Our Modified Ultra-Filtration system not only guarantees water purity but also operates with minimal maintenance requirements. This means that as engineers and building owners, you can focus on core business operations while our system seamlessly runs in the background, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Moreover, scalability is at the heart of our design philosophy. Whether treating 5 gallons per minute or 200, our system is engineered to adapt to varying demands with unwavering proficiency. This scalability, coupled with an integrated system design, translates to hassle-free installation and operation, minimizing disruptions and maximizing convenience for stakeholders.
But beyond the technical intricacies lies a compelling proposition – sustainability and savings. Through a personalized analysis, Wahaso unveils the potential for significant water and chemical savings, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions with tangible economic benefits.

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In conclusion, as skeptical engineers and building owners, the Cooling Tower (CT) Recover System by Wahaso offers a compelling solution to the complex challenges of cooling tower blowdown management.

With its advanced water filtration technology, low-maintenance design, and scalability, it represents a paradigm shift towards sustainable water management without compromising performance. So, are you ready to take the leap towards sustainability and savings? Fill out our scoping form for a customized water and chemical saving analysis and discover the potential of the CT Recover System to revolutionize your approach to cooling tower management.

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