Condensate System

Wahaso Condensate Systems

Commercial buildings with forced-air cooling systems have the potential to generate condensate, a steady source of water that can be harvested for reuse.

Condensate System

In air handling units (AHUs), as air passes over the cooling coils, moisture in the air condenses and drips into a pan below the AHU.

In many cases, that water is sent to the sewer system, wasting a valuable source that can be treated and used for non-potable applications. A Condensate Water Recovery System can turn that wasted source into a usable source. Wahaso’s condensate system is compact, pre-assembled and designed for easy installation.

Condensate Water Recovery System Design

Condensate is often a relatively clean source of water, which does not require complex processing. The Wahaso condensate system is designed to filter the water down to five microns and sanitize the water with ultraviolet (UV) before delivering it to the end use. The pre-assembled system includes a storage tank, filtration, UV and a re-pressurization condensate recovery pump. If condensate cannot flow by gravity from AHUs to the storage tank, Wahaso can also provide small transfer stations for each unit. The Wahaso Control System monitors and manages all system functions and is capable data logging and interfacing with the Building Automation System (BAS).

System Benefits

  • Compact Design. Wahaso’s condensate harvesting systems are designed to fit through standard doorways. The fully skidded system comes pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • Sustainable. A typical building can produce thousands of gallons of condensate per week. Treating and reusing condensate for non-potable applications such as cooling tower make-up and irrigation can help to conserve water for the community by reducing consumption of municipal supply.
  • Retrofit Friendly. The streamlined design makes it easy to fit the system into an existing building.

Standard Systems

Wahaso’s condensate systems are designed for easy installation. The COND-UV20-250 comes with a 250-gallon tank, filters, UV, pump and controls all mounted to a single skid, which can fit through a standard doorway. The COND-UV20-500 system has a larger, 500-gallon tank and can be assembled on a single skid or separated into two skids. For more information on our standard condensate harvesting systems, download the information sheets.

Wahaso Condensate Systems

To learn how condensate system might be used in your building project, please contact us.

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