Cooling Tower Reuse System

Reduce water and chemical costs with the CT Recover System

Improve Cycles of Concentration in Cooling Towers


CT Recover – Wahaso’s Reuse System is for commercial and industrial facilities with 200 ton or larger cooling towers. This equipment takes concentrated water and polishes it for reuse.

It will improve water quality and reduce chemical usage with less cost and more efficiency than separators, sand filters and screen filters.

Wahaso Cooling Tower Blowdown Recover and Reuse System

Transforming Sustainability in Cooling Tower Management


Wahaso’s cooling tower recovery system, CT Recover, is an innovative reuse system tailored for commercial and industrial facilities equipped with cooling towers of 200 tons or larger. Our equipment efficiently polishes concentrated water for reuse, greatly surpassing the capabilities of separators, sand filters, and screen filters. With larger cooling towers consuming over 40,000 gallons of water daily, the potential for conservation is immense.

The system also addresses the challenge of hard water which can dramatically reduce the cycles of concentration of a cooling tower. Our solution empowers facility managers to meet sustainability requirements while optimizing operational costs.

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Maximizing Efficiency: CT Recover Delivers Substantial Resource Savings

Resource Savings

CT Recover delivers substantial resource savings:

  • Reduce water usage by up to 75%
  • Cut chemical consumption by up to 50%
  • Increase cycles of concentration up to 12 COCs
Wahaso Commercial Cooling Tower Blowdown Water Savings Reuse Systems

Advancing Filtration Solutions


CT Recover employs cutting-edge filtration technology to establish a physical barrier between blowdown water and clean water sources. It utilizes a multi-stage barrier system that removes dissolved minerals, contaminants, bacteria and viruses. It does all of this while returning blended water that is safe for cooling tower equipment.

Our system utilizes PES filtration to effectively remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), as well as oil and grease contaminants. This comprehensive approach tackles substances introduced into the water stream from the municipal water feed, atmospheric sources or mechanical equipment.
Wahaso Commercial Cooling Towers and legionella Treatment Solutions

Ensuring Water Purity


In addition to chemical removal, the CT Recover system significantly diminishes bacterial and viral presence, including threats such as Legionella.


Reliability and Ease of Operation

Low Maintenance

Designed for minimal upkeep, our system offers reliability over extended intervals. Automatic backwashing and intuitive system controls provide operators with real-time status updates on critical components and can adjust to changes in water quality.

Tailored Solutions for Every Requirement


The Wahaso System is adaptable, capable of treating both make-up and blowdown water volumes ranging from 5GPM to 100GPM. The only limitation is the available mechanical space.

Streamlined Operations

Automated Controls and Reporting

Wahaso’s proprietary Control System meticulously monitors system activity. Data and alerts are relayed both locally and to Building Automation Systems via BACNET or MODBUS protocols.

Seamless Implementation

Integrated System Design

Our comprehensive system designs encompass all essential elements, including pumps, storage, filtration, and controls. Pre-built on skids, our systems undergo rigorous testing and arrive ready for hassle-free installation.

Wahaso Cooling Tower System Technology Overview

Cooling Tower Reuse Solutions

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LEED v4 Compliance Made Easy: Wahaso’s Approach to Cooling Tower Water Use Reduction
Stay ahead in sustainability standards with Wahaso’s LEED v4 compliant solutions for cooling tower water use. Learn how our innovative techniques not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements, empowering your facility to achieve environmental excellence while conserving precious water resources.

Breaking News Water Harvesting System Manufacturer Achieves NSFANSI-350 & IAPMO 324 Certification for Modified Ultra Filtration Technology

Wahaso, Achieves NSF/ANSI-350 & IAPMO 324 Certification for Modified Ultra Filtration Technology

Wahaso’s Modified Ultra Filtration (MUF) technology has achieved third-party certification to NSF/ANSI-350 and IAPMO 324 standards, a crucial requirement for greywater projects in California, as well as for high-level treatment demands, such as cooling tower makeup, toilet flushing, and spray irrigation, nationwide.

Modified Ultra Filtration employs a membrane-based filtration process highly effective in removing suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, pathogens, sediment, and hydrocarbons from source water.

Maximizing Cooling Tower Efficiency Wahaso Innovative Solutions Conserve Water

Cooling Tower Analysis

Cooling Tower

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Wahaso Cooling Tower Blowdown Recycling System

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