Many commercial projects are integrating sustainability into the design of buildings for a variety of reasons, but no matter what the incentive is, the task of achieving that goal rests with the architects and engineers.  While water harvesting is only one part of their larger picture, at Wahaso, designing and building water harvesting systems is all we do. Our objective is to help you determine if water harvesting is right for your project and if so, provide you with a full system design that can be added to the bid package.  If you are an architect or engineer, let our team help you to incorporate a water harvesting system into your project.



Every project at Wahaso begins with what we call "scoping".  This starts with a water balance analysis that looks at all the possible supply sources and non-potable demands on the site.  Running this analysis not only tells us how much water we can save annually, but it helps us to find the optimum size of the system. When we present the water balance report, we can also provide some rough-order-of-magnitude budget pricing.  This process basic information that the architects and engineers can present to the building owner to determine the feasibility of water harvesting for their project.


System Design

If water harvesting is a good fit for the project, Wahaso would then move on to the system design. Our sales and engineering team will work with you to determine the project parameters, then work up a system sequence, which outlines the design and operation of the proposed system. We deliver a full proposal with refined budget pricing that can be shared with the building owner. Once the system design is approved, Wahaso provides a schematic and written performance spec that can be included in the project bid package.

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