Green Building Expected to Double by 2018


A recent study conducted of over 70 countries by Dodge Data and Analytics and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) shows that green building continues to double every three years, and is expected to do so again by 2018. The report also found that emerging economies such as Brazil, India, and South Africa will be the “engine” of this growth, with development ranging from two to six times current green building levels.

With the global popularity of the LEED program, green building has grown to a trillion dollar industry, with 1.85 million square feet of building space becoming LEED certified every day. The increased demand for green building projects has also resulted in growth in the green building materials market, which is projected to reach $234 billion by 2019.

Of those surveyed, the report found that the most important reasons for building green were to reduce water consumption (31% globally), reduce energy consumption (66% globally), and to lower greenhouse gas emissions (24% globally). The report also found that “green buildings offer significant operational cost savings compared with conventional buildings” which has contributed to the growth of the industry.

As a USGBC member, Wahaso supports building owners in achieving LEED certification through water harvesting efforts, and we are excited to see continued growth in green building worldwide. For more information on how water harvesting can help your green building project earn up to 15 LEED v4 points, visit our LEED Certification page here.

For more on this study, check out the press release from the USGBC or download the full report here from Dodge Data and Analytics.

About the Writer: Emily Avellana is a senior majoring in marketing at Elmhurst College and a Marketing Assistant at Wahaso.