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At Wahaso, we offer a holistic approach to your project to determine the optimal solution for more sustainable and environmentally sound water use in your community and with your building and site characteristics. We are experts in systems for large buildings, with 30+ years experience in system design and implementation.

We work closely with architects and engineers designing buildings to provide the scoping, engineering support and manufacturing of economical, turn-key systems for capturing, filtering, storing and reusing water from roof and parking lot stormwater, groundwater and greywater. Our projects include a wide range of solutions for both new buildings and old. Each presents a unique challenge.

The result of our efforts is lower costs for municipal water use, less impact on community stormwater and sewer systems, and a more sustainable source of water for toilet flushing, irrigation and other uses. Our clients feel better about how their buildings impact our environment, and that they are part of the solution for a greener, more sustainable world.


We begin our process as early as possible in the building planning and design process to help define and scope a project. We will usually begin work with the architects or engineers on new projects to define the type of system that is appropriate based on the sources and uses of water that will be harvested. We will need to learn the type of building being planned, how it will be used, the number of people who will be using the building, the size and layout of the property and its location.

Once we have an understanding on the available sources and uses of harvested water for a project, we consult with the client on the key system components: Pre-Filtration and Storage, Filtration and Sanitation, Pressurization and Controls. We can also provide a price range on the complete finished system so that the client can determine if there is an interest at continuing the project into Design and Specifications.


Sophisticated water harvesting and usage systems – particularly greywater systems – must be carefully integrated into the design and mechanical specifications for the building. Plans must accommodate areas for water collection, space for pumps, filters and storage capacity, and outputs for harvested water. Mechanical designs must incorporate specialized plumbing, electrical requirements and access points.

During this phase, Water Harvesting Solutions will design and develop a custom-engineered solution tailored specifically to your building and its requirements. We develop systems with a modular approach that minimizes design and construction costs while delivering a system that is unique to each building project. This also ensures that even though each property requires a custom approach, the delivered system is built off a proven platform and process. We work closely with your building’s engineers and with third party overseers to ensure that the system design is sound and will function as specified.

At the end of this stage, we have a fully designed system that includes drawings and tight specifications for building the final system. At this point, we can provide a firm contract price for the system that includes fabrication and installation assistance.

Wahaso treatment skid for Bolivar Park in Lakewood, CA in fabrication


Once a project has been fully specified, it is usually bid as part of the overall plumbing or mechanical bid for a building. Wahaso then serves as manufacturer and subcontractor to that contractor. Contractors generally prefer our full-service value added services that ensure a successful product installation and start-up.

Once construction on a building has commenced, we time the construction of the harvesting system so that it is ready to be delivered and installed when your project site is ready. Processing units are constructed in modules at our central manufacturing facility in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and then shipped ready-to-connect at the client’s building site where the modules are installed by the plumbing or mechanical contractor.


At the appropriate point in the project timetable, Water Harvesting Solutions will deliver module skids to your construction site. Mechanical rooms must be ready for the equipment and building plumbing and electrical connections must be ready to connect to the modules. Our systems come with complete installation and operation manuals so that contracted electrical and plumbing workers can quickly integrate the system into the building. Our system pricing includes on-site installation assistance to the local contractor to ensure a successful installation.


Once the system is installed, a Wahaso team member will come on the site to test and adjust the system to ensure that it is working properly. At that point we also provide a training on operations and maintenance for the building maintenance staff.

Our systems are designed to require minimal maintenance and repairs. Each system is fully warranted against defects for the first year. Routine, ongoing maintenance and repair can be handled by the building maintenance staff or contracted to Wahaso.

See examples of our work on our Projects Page.

Wahaso Training, Condensate System Training
System pricing from Wahaso includes on-site training of the facility staff once a system is commissioned.