Condensate Harvesting Systems

Condensate Harvesting Systems for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Condensate is a “Free Resource” Available Everywhere

Every commercial building with a forced-air cooling system has one thing in common – as air is passed over cold coils from the compressor, moisture in that air will condense and “condensate” will drip to a collection pan below.

Condensate running steadily from a cooler at a Costco Wholesale store.

In many cases, that condensate is sent to the municipal sewer system, wasting a valuable source for reuse systems. In a typical commercial building cooling 100,000 square feet with 150 tons of cooling capacity the annual condensate collection potential can be hundreds of thousands of gallons. That harvested water can be sent to the evaporative cooling system or used for irrigation or toilet flushing.

If we depend solely on rainwater as a reuse source, we may go days or weeks without a rain event at a time of year when it is hot and we need the most supply. That is the time when condensate is most plentiful, making it an ideal complement to rainwater as a source.

How Much Condensate Could You Harvest from Your Building?

For Example Only: Estimates based on a 100,000 square foot building with 154 tons of cooling capacity. Actual condensate collection will vary based on average building humidity, variance between inside and outside temperature, fresh air exchange, occupant load and more.
Note: A cooling degree day (CDD) is a measurement designed to quantify the demand for energy needed to cool a building. It is the number of degrees that a day’s average temperature is above 65o Fahrenheit (18o Celsius), which is the temperature above which buildings need to be cooled.
A condensate collection and transfer station. These are placed at the output of each blower unit collection pan with condensate sent to the central treatment system.

Condensate Harvesting Systems

Condensate harvesting systems are relatively inexpensive and efficient, with an attractive return on investment. That is because large tanks are not required, and the treatment and pressurization capacities are sized for a slow and steady capture and reuse. The collected condensate must be filtered and sanitized to eliminate potentially harmful mold or bacteria like Legionella. Our standard system shown here is truly “plug and play” and is delivered complete on a skid with tanks, filters, sanitation, pressurization pump and controls. The system is designed to accommodate retrofit situations by fitting through standard doorways and freight elevators. Download an information sheet by clicking here, or a specification sheet here.

Wahaso’s standard Condensate Harvesting System Model COND-UV20-250

To see a case study on one our systems that used cooling condensate for cooling tower make-up, click here. Wahaso is happy to talk with you about your cooling system and the opportunities for saving water or applying harvested water. We offer a free analysis and system concept as part of our Scoping process. Just Contact Us.