Wahaso Services for Architects

Our Process Begins with the Architect or Owner

Are you an architect or owner with a sustainable project on your table? If you would like to consider water sustainability for the project, then Wahaso can provide a number of services that can help you evaluate the opportunity for on-site water reuse – or “harvesting.”

Does onsite water reuse make sense for your project?  How much water savings is possible? What type of system would achieve that? How much would it cost? How big should the cistern be, and where can it be located? How much space will be needed for the processing system? All of these questions are answered quickly with our Scoping process.

During Scoping, our team will work closely with you to quantify the potential sources and uses of water for harvesting on your property.

We model supply and demand with six years of daily rain event data to project the average value a system and look at a full range of cistern sizes to optimize total recommended storage capacity.

We then use our experience from designing and building hundreds of systems to recommend a preliminary system concept that we believe will deliver the most efficient system in terms of total system cost and total water saved through reuse.

We complete the Scoping process with a preliminary budget that includes all the components and controls, pre-assembled and tested at our facility, our services and support. The idea is that when the process is done, you and your client will know the value and cost for a proposed system and have the information you need to know if a system is right for your project.

The reductions in water usage and savings that result from our systems often go hand-in-hand with LEED certification—water harvesting efforts can be responsible for up to 15 points under the LEED v4 guidelines! More and more architects are becoming interested in sustainability, and Wahaso can work with you to support your green building efforts and initiatives.

You can learn more about on-site water sources and system approaches at these links:

Our Scoping service is available without charge for most projects. To begin the process, please Contact Us here.