Wahaso Services for Contractors

Wahaso Delivers a System

A commercial water harvesting system is much more than the sum of its parts. While any experienced contractor will quickly recognize the pumps, filters and components that are part of the systems we design and build, we also know that you will appreciate the total value Wahaso delivers with its complete, packaged system approach.

Here are some reasons why we hope you will want to work with us when you select a supplier and partner for a water harvesting system:

Experienced Leader

Water harvesting is a very specialized niche market – especially for more complicated commercial systems. And commercial systems are our only business. We have designed, built and supported hundreds of systems in 38 states and Canada. We are the experienced leader. Our systems work – and we guarantee that. Take a look at the wide range of projects in our portfolio; we would be happy to provide references for the project of your choice.

Design and Build

Why should it matter that we build and support the systems we design? Because every property is unique, and an optimized system must be tailor fitted to a project to optimize water savings while minimizing system cost. If you have been asked to source a system for which we are the basis of design, then you will appreciate that we are intimately aware of the project and the unique system of our design that is in the specifications.

Wahaso’s skidded systems are shipped complete to a job site – with installation instructions and all components clearly marked.

Fabricated and Tested at our Facility

Included in our price is as much prefabrication as possible at our facility in Crystal Lake, IL. While each system is unique, our team has built dozens and dozens of similar designs. In controlled conditions, we are able to mount and connect nearly all the components and then pressurize the system to identify and correct any potential problems before the skid is shipped to the job site.

Fast Installation and Start-Up

We know that time is money for you and your staff in the field, and our systems are designed to minimize your time during installation and start-up. The installing contractor really doesn’t need to understand much about how our systems work.

  • 3-D skid models show contractors exactly which and where connections are to be made long before the skids arrive.
  • Flanged inlets and outlets facilitate quick connection of the system to the rest of the building plumbing and waste system.
  • Quick disconnects connect the wiring of components on the skid to the central control panel supplied by Wahaso.
  • Our packaged price always includes on-site visits from our staff to support the installing contractor and resolve any issues that may arise in the field.  Our staff will return to the site when the building is commissioned to train the local staff on system operation and maintenance.

Warranty and Ongoing Support

We sell fully integrated systems from pre-filtration to storage to processing to pressurization with all components designed to work as a single system monitored and managed by our control system.

By supplying that complete system, we warrant that it will all work as specified. That means we guarantee that it will work correctly and that we will deal with any component failures with our manufacturers during the warranty period. We understand the most contractors have little knowledge or experience with these complex systems, so this integrated approach and system support removes the burden from the contractor for making everything work and for supporting any issues during and after installation and commissioning.

We are proud that we have fully supported every project we have ever delivered in the past 6+ years – and done everything we could to make the client and our installing contractor-partner happy with the system and with us.  That has meant that our support has often exceeded the warranty period boundary,  but that is all part of our business philosophy and goal for continued market leadership.

Wahaso Training
Wahaso’s standard system package includes on-site training for facility managers

It is the rare project that we price that is not open to competitive bids. That means that we are keenly aware that the total package we deliver with product and services must deliver value (and pricing) that can meet or exceed any other competitor in the market. We price our systems with this in mind, and we ask that contractors look at the full value proposition when evaluating a system quote from us and one of our competitors. If we really have the value wrong, we want to know that and have the opportunity to respond. We hope to work with you and ask that you Contact Us to give us that opportunity.