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The market for commercial rainwater and greywater systems is relatively new. The integrated technology is new and rapidly evolving for system designs that are effective, reliable and require minimum maintenance. At Wahaso, our only business is designing and building systems for commercial rainwater and greywater harvesting. If you are a mechanical or plumbing engineer tasked with specifying a commercial system, we want to share our experience and expertise with you!

Experienced Leader

When we founded Wahaso in 2008, we started with a team that already had over 25 years of engineering experience with water treatment components and systems. Since that time, we have designed over 1200 harvesting systems for commercial and institutional properties. Many of those have now been installed and operated for several years. Check out our Projects page and our Completed Projects listing by industry. So we are the experienced leader in this new and evolving industry. We pride ourselves in developing creative solutions for harvesting systems that capture multiple on-site sources, process them through one system to a high water quality standard, and then pressurize the treated water for multiple non-potable applications. The result is systems that deliver high water savings cost-effectively.

Supporting the Entire Design/Build Process

For commercial water harvesting systems, there simply isn’t a standard system design or solution that can work in most buildings. Our 1200 projects have proven to us that every property and building has a unique set of water sources and uses that require a customized system design. Let us engage with you as soon as possible to help define all the system parameters based on the unique characteristics of your project. We like to do that during our Scoping process when we analyze and quantify available sources and uses and model cistern sizes to optimize the value of the storage capacity.

Analytical Support

We’ll provide the analysis and technical support for any design we recommend and then share with you the tools you need throughout the process. After we have run our analytics to size the system and components, we’ll put together a preliminary system sequence and a process flow schematic to communicate the design in engineering terms.

Design Assistance

We are happy to share our design files with you in CAD or Revitt so that you can drop them directly into your mechanical plans. At this time we can also provide a listing of major components for the system so that you can note those in your designs an ensure compliance with local codes and utility compatibility.

System Space Modeling

Since we are modeling in 2D and 3D to the exact sizes of our equipment and skids, we can help you fit everything efficiently into your mechanical spaces. Share a CAD drawing of the equipment rooms, and we’ll move things around and arrange our equipment to fit. Will the skid or tank fit through a door or corridor? Will the height clear other mechanical obstructions? We will work with you to answer those questions and more about the system as early as possible during your DD or CD stages. Our modeled design also provides very specific sizes and locations of where and how our systems connect to your mechanical, plumbing and wiring for the building – minimizing any surprises at system delivery.

Greywater System Size, Graywater System Layout, How much space does graywater take?
Wahaso Fabrication, control panel testing
Wahaso skids and control panels are built at our fabrication facilities and thoroughly tested before shipping.

As the design firms up in the CD stage, we can translate the design into a written specification that we will provide in a Word document that you can edit and append to fit the rest of your specifications. We’ll do the work of listing all components and requirements, saving you time and effort.

Fabrication and Testing

Once the project is confirmed and our system is selected for installation, we’ll move our design into the Fabrication stage, when every component and connection will be precisely modeled so the design is fully ready for fabrication at our facility. All connections on the fabricated skid are electrically or pressure tested to ensure the system is functional before we ship it. That prefabrication ensures a fast installation on the job site and virtually eliminates errors by the the installing contractor. We also include in our pricing on-site installation assistance to resolve any system issues on the site. We will then be present for commissioning and training of the building staff so that they understand how to operate and maintain the service.

Connectivity and Support

Our services don’t stop at “design-build”. We warrant the system will work and continue to work as promised for at least the first year of operation. By that time, any bugs are worked out, and the staff is familiar with the full cycle of operation and maintenance. That helps to ensure the system will continue to function properly and deliver on the water savings promise.

Our control panels are the heart of our systems – making sure all functions are monitored and properly controlled 24/7. Our control panels are fully compatible with most building automation systems. And our DAQ Connectivity reports all system stats real time to any authorized web browser while sending an email alert to the appropriate personnel when there is a system issue. By bringing the data out of the control room, we help ensure that the system is -and will continue- to operate as expected.

At Wahaso, we stand ready to support your project’s commercial rainwater or commercial greywater harvesting system. Please Contact Us and we can begin the process!