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University of California, Los Angeles Greywater Harvesting

When the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) was designing a new state-of-the-art, 90,000 square-foot research and academic building to complete the six-building engineering school complex, they wanted the facility to be a showcase for the university and the region. Within the new facility, UCLA expects researchers to make advances across the engineering spectrum, tackling challenges in nanotechnology, health care, renewable energy, information science, electronics, infrastructure, wireless technology, aerospace, and new materials. Engineering Building VI will serve as an incubator for developing and commercializing new technologies discovered at UCLA as well as new discoveries that will benefit the Southern California economy and improve technologies around the world.Hoping to achieve LEED Gold or Platinum certification, Wahaso was contacted during the early planning stages for the project by Buro Happold Engineering to support efforts for water conservation in the building


The university needed a water harvesting system that could treat collected grey water from lavatory sinks and from reverse-osmosis discharge from the laboratories to a quality level suitable for flushing toilets throughout the building. New water reuse codes were being developed in California at the time, but no official water quality standards had been officially set for the state. However, Los Angeles County required the system output to be clean, clear, and free of harmful coliforms and other bacteria. Approximately 300 occupants were expected to flush the building’s toilets more than 600 times per day, which would require about 500 gallons of processed of water each day classes were in session.


Water Supply Sustainability Index (2050)

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Los Angeles, CA


University of California, Los Angeles


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Greywater Harvesting


September 2015

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University of California, Los Angeles Greywater Harvesting

Wahaso tailored a custom greywater harvesting system for the project that would achieve the high water quality standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation. Raw greywater is collected by gravity into a large concrete sump below-grade. Transfer pumps pressurize the greywater through Wahaso’s proprietary GW-Series treatment skid, which includes multiple stages of filtration: disk filtration, multi-media filtration, chlorine sanitation, and ultra-violet sanitation. Greywater is processed at 10 gallons per minute into a 500-gallon Processed Water Holding Tank before it is pressurized to toilet fixtures by a duplex 7.5 HP pump system.

UCLA’s Engineering Building VI system is meeting toilet flushing needs throughout the building. It is expected to save approximately 130,000 gallons of municipal water per year.