MCRD Barracks – Marine Corps San Diego

Project Name :

MCRD Barracks,  San Diego, CA

Client :

U.S. Government, Marine Corp

About Project :

The U.S. military is committed to establishing sustainable practices in the new buildings on its bases. In arid Southern California, the need to conserve municipal drinking water is critical. Steuven Engineers were the engineers on the project to construct three new barracks for the Marine Corp Recruit Division (MCRD)in San Diego, CA. They asked Wahaso to evaluate the potential for harvesting shower and sink water from the building’s bathrooms to flush toilets in the building and irrigate the landscaping. Wahaso designed and built the three systems installed at the base.

System Type :

Greywater for Toilet Flushing & Irrigation

Commissioning Date :

November, 2011

Challenge :

Greywater can be a good source of water for non-potable uses like toilet flushing, but can also have many issues. Biological counts can grow quickly, turning the greywater to foul black water in a matter of hours. And the heavier loads on filters can lead to high maintenance and poor performance.

Solution :

Wahaso recommended extending the use of the processed greywater to include irrigation as well as toilet flushing. One system in each building could process enough greywater to meet both uses. Wahaso used its patented greywater technology that injects chlorine into the raw greywater stream and then goes through three stages of settling, separation and filtration. Raw and processed greywater is stored in separate concrete vaults supplied by partner Old Castle Precast to avoid issues with high saline water table issues on the base.

Results :

The three systems are projected to save over 2 million gallons of municipal drinking water each year. Wahaso’s custom control system integrates with the Building Automation Systems (BAS) to send system status and alarms to a central location as well as to the local color touch screens on each system control unit.