St. Aloysius Community Center

Project Name :

St. Aloysius Community Center, Chicago, IL

Client :

Aloysius Catholic Church

About Project :

St. Aloysius Parish Center is a 36,000 square foot facility located on Chicago’s northwest side. This LEED Silver building houses religious education functions as well as a food pantry, day care space, gymnasium and thrift store. Site improvements include an outdoor play space, a rooftop garden and parking facilities.

System Type :

Rooftop Rainwater to Irrigate Landscaping

Commissioning Date :

September, 2012

Challenge :

For their new community center, St. Aloysius wanted to have a “green” building that could earn USGBC LEED certification, with a green roof, energy saving lighting and other efficient systems. There was an interest in water saving features – like rainwater harvesting, but the budget was very limited and the system demands small. WMA engineers ( contacted Wahaso to help design and build a simple system that would still be commercial grade with appropriate safety features.

Solution :

Wahaso designed a simple system with a prefabricated 3,200 gallon steel tank that would capture rainwater from the roof through a simple screened inlet on the top of the tank. We then put all the filtration and pumping equipment in a NEMA 4 weather proof box that allowed easy access for maintenance while protecting equipment from vandals.

Results :

While simple and low-cost, the St. Aloysius system delivers safe filtered and sanitized water with a reliable, commercial-grade treatment system for seasonal irrigation, saving about 28,500 gallons of water annually.