Water Harvesting Solutions is happy to share these links and other resources that visitors may find helpful as they learn more about water harvesting.


Green Roofs: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is an association dedicated to bringing practical green roof solutions to our cities. It was organized in 1999 to focus on the benefits of green roofs and barriers to industry development. Here is anotherarticle on green roofs.


Pervious Pavement: Learn about this passive approach to reducing rainwater run-off from parking lots while helping to recharge aquifers.


World Water Shortage: We support Water. Org as an international non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to all people in the world. We encourage you to support them as well.


Low Impact Living: LILI is a non-profit organization promoting practical ways you can reduce your impact on the environment, learn new skills, save money and have fun.


Fundraising: There are an increasing number or resources to help fund projects that reduce water use or help to resolve stormwater issues in watershed areas. This link may be helpful to you: EPA Fundraising Alternative Tool


NYC Grant Program: New York City’s Green Initiatives Grant Program encourages property owners to retrofit their buildings by adding a green roof to help manage stormwater runoff. NYC Green Initiatives Grant Program


Illinois Grant Program: Illinois offers a Green Infrastructure Grant program to support initiatives that manage stormwater runoff. Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program


Residential Rainwater Harvesting: While Wahaso only provides services for commercial and institutional buildings, The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association offers resources for homeowners and has lists of suppliers for small systems.


Residential Water Waste: Are you wasting water through dripping faucets? You may not realize it, but those drips really add up! You could be wasting thousands of gallons a year! Just 30 drips per minute adds up to over 1,500 gallons wasted per year. You can calculate your daily water loss with this calculator tool.


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