Saving Water for the Future: Commercial Rainwater Collection Systems

Water is a natural resource. But, there is always scarcity of water in both residential and commercial areas. Yet an effective commercial rainwater collection system can make it easy to conserve water for the future.

Many industrial and commercial units have huge daily requirement of water for various purposes. Water scarcity can present a real challenge to business and even bring them to a standstill.

The commercial rainwater collection system has many benefits. A commercial property can collect a large amount of water from the rooftop and treat it on site for reuse. The process of commercial rainwater harvesting is almost the same as residential rainwater harvesting but it is done on a larger scale.  There is typically a storage cistern, filtration and sanitation in both systems.  The treated water can be used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation or cooling tower make-up.

Millions of gallons of water can be collected from large commercial and industrial rooftops.  This not only helps to conserve water but also provides a method to manage onsite stormwater runoff.

There is also a cost savings associated with a commercial rainwater harvesting system.  In addition to conserving a natural resource, the system can lower the monthly water bill.  Annual savings can be thousands of dollars, which can be redirected back to the building owners and businesses.