US Builders Review Greenbuild Special Edition

Following the announcement of US Builders Review 2016 Editor’s Choice Honorees, the Greenbuild Special Edition of US Builders Review has been published online! This special edition highlights “companies from across the country that have committed their enterprises to sustainable and energy-efficient building designs and operations” and will be distributed at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, CA this October.

Wahaso is honored to have been selected as one of the featured companies. As quoted from the article, “Demand on our municipal drinking water supplies has been growing at an unsustainable rate; with population growth, climate change and declining infrastructure, over 70 percent of U.S. counties face risk to water supplies by 2050. Municipalities are responding by raising water rates, mandating water-efficient fixtures and looking for sustainable solutions that collect and reuse non-potable supplies available on-site. In Hinsdale, Illinois, “Wahaso” — short for Water Harvesting Solutions Inc. — is doing just that by bringing rainwater and greywater harvesting systems to the commercial and institutional markets.”

Wahaso’s feature article, as well as the entire special edition, can be read online here. The article is also available as a PDF download.

About the Writer: Emily Avellana is an Elmhurst College graduate with a degree in Marketing, and a Marketing Assistant at Wahaso.