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Condensate System

If your commercial building uses a forced air-cooling system during the summer months, a condensate system can help you conserve water and save money each year. Our compact condensate systems from Wahaso convert condensation to fairly clean non-potable water that requires only minimum processing for reuse.

Steam Condensate System

Can a steam condensate system help you save money at your commercial business? Our condensate system from Wahaso has the ability to convert relatively clean condensation into non-potable water for use in irrigation, toilet flushing, and other uses around your business. Read more about our 5-star rated systems on our website.

Stormwater Detention System

Learn about the numerous benefits of purchasing a stormwater detention system when you explore the free resources online at Water Harvesting Solutions. Unlike rooftop rainwater, storm water requires more robust filtering, cleaning, and sanitizing; our equipment does all of that and stores the water for future use, as well.

Harvesting Rainwater

Modern methods of harvesting rainwater look very different than they did even a few decades ago. Wahaso's rainwater harvesting systems collect, filter, treat, store, and redirect non-potable rainwater, allowing you to conserve water, save money, and be a part of the green revolution taking place in the workplace.

Grey Water Systems For Commercial Buildings

Grey water systems for commercial buildings save Wahaso clients a lot of money over the years by repurposing grey water for irrigation, toilet flushing, and other usage around the building. You can ask our system specialists any questions you have about our greywater solutions when you contact us today at 800-580-5350.

Grey Water System

What can a grey water system from Wahaso do for you? Our grey water capture systems, chlorinate, filter, deodorize, UV treat, and sanitize grey water from showers, las sinks, and other areas of your business and convert it into a reusable source of clean but non-potable water that can be repurposed for toilet flushing or lawn irrigation.

Commercial Rainwater Collection System

Instead of allowing rainwater to erode your business' foundation and go back into the ground unused, Wahaso can design and build a custom commercial rainwater collection system for your building that will allow you to repurpose rainwater, save money, and leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Find out how when you call our team.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Let experts from Wahaso Water harvesting Solutions design and build the perfect rainwater harvesting system for your commercial building- we have a scalable solution to meet every need. Our rooftop designs for large-scale applications are ideal for converting rainwater to non-potable water that is safe and suitable for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

Rooftop water harvesting is the most affordable way to convert free rainwater into non-potable water that can be repurposed throughout your building for toilet flushing or out to your property where it can irrigate lawns and keep them looking lush. Speak with design specialists from Wahaso for information about our systems.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Businesses that incorporate commercial rainwater harvesting systems leave a smaller global footprint on the planet and save money, as well. If you're looking for a way to prove to your customers that you're committed to eco-friendly business practices, get in touch with Wahaso today to discuss a scalable system.

Rainwater Collection System

Are you thinking about installing a rainwater collection system at your place of business? Let our team from Wahaso custom design and build a collection set-up that will collect, clean, and store rainwater for use around your building, such as irrigation on your grounds and toilet flushing. Get in touch with us for more information.

Rainwater Harvesting Companies

Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions has earned a reputation as one of the best rainwater harvesting companies to partner with when you're ready to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your water bills. By collecting rainwater and repurposing it around your business, you'll protect the environment and conserve water.

Rainwater Harvesting Storage

A rainwater harvesting storage tank is just one of the many components of our rainwater collection systems at Wahaso. Our commercial equipment harvests, treats, cleans, stores, and redirects rainwater, saving your company a lot of money over the course of a year by lowering your water bills. Read more about our 5-star rated systems online.

Steam Condensate Tank

Are you looking into investing in a steam condensate tank for your commercial business? Check with our team from Wahaso to learn about our condensate system that salvages condensation from forced air-cooling systems, filters the water, and allows you to store it for reuse as a non-potable water source.

Condensate Recovery Pump

Find out how a condensate recovery pump from Wahaso can save your business money by converting condensation to reusable non-potable water, filtering and storing it for future use. Our 5-star rated condensate systems are compact and retrofit-friendly; feel free to contact our team with any questions by calling 800-580-5350.

Grey Water Septic System

Check out Wahaso's 5-star rated grey water septic system that has the potential to conserve millions of gallons of grey water into usable non-potable water every year. Our system is scalable to meet your business' needs, able to process from 2,000 to 200,000 gallons of water each day, depending on your needs.

Greywater System

Find out how a greywater system for your commercial building can help you conserve up to 200,000 gallons of water every day, converting it into non-potable water for repurposing elsewhere around your business. Contact Wahaso at 800-580-5350 for more information about all of our water conservation solutions.

Rainwater System

If you're looking into a rainwater system for your commercial building, get in touch with our pros from Wahaso Water Harvesting Systems for information about our scalable rainwater collection units that filter, clean, and store rainwater that can be directed to other areas around your commercial building or grounds.

Stormwater System

If you're looking for a few good reasons to invest in a stormwater system, spend a minute or two online visiting Wahaso to see our compact, efficient water harvesting set-ups that will convert tainted stormwater into safe, no-potable water for non-potable uses. We'd love to answer any questions you have when you contact us at 800-580-5350.

Stormwater Retention System

At Water Harvesting Solutions, we spend a lot of time answering questions for potential customers looking for a way to deal with excessive stormwater and rainwater. We've designed and built a compact and durable stormwater retention system that filters, cleans, sanitizes, and treats large quantities of stormwater, storing it for irrigation and other uses.

Stormwater Management System

Find out how a Stormwater Management system can help you deal with excessive runoff in your parking lot or land, clean, filter, and treat it efficiently, and then store the cleaned water until you're ready to put it to use around your property. Inquire about Water Harvesting Solutions' equipment when you contact our team.

Grey Water Systems

Find out how you can save money and conserve water by investing in one of Wahaso's grey water systems for your commercial building- give us a call at 800-580-5350 or continue to explore the resources on our website to read about our scalable water conservation solutions, including greywater capture systems.

Grey Water Filtration System

Read about the benefits of investing in a grey water filtration system from Wahaso and contact us to speak with a product specialist if you have questions. Our grey water capture systems safely treat, filter, deodorize, chlorinate, and convert greywater into usable non-potable water for toilet flushing, irrigation, and other uses.

Stormwater Detention

By investing in stormwater detention equipment, you'll lower your company's carbon footprint and turn one of your property's greatest liabilities into an asset that saves you money. Stormwater capturing with our system allows you to collect, sanitize, filter, clean, and store stormwater until you're ready to use it.

Greywater Harvesting

Greywater harvesting is a simple task with Wahaso's system that captures water from lavatory sinks, showers, laundry, and light commercial processes, cleaning, deodorizing, and converting greywater into treated, non-potable water that can be used elsewhere in your building. Find out more about our system and its scalability- reach us at 800-580-5350.

Grey Water Recycling Systems

As you compare costs and capabilities of grey water recycling systems, keep Wahaso in mind and check out our products. Our greywater system requires little maintenance to process between 2,000 and 200,000 gallons of water daily, depending on your needs. You'll find additional system specifications on our website.

Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Rainwater collection systems from Wahaso collect rooftop rainwater, filter & clean the water, and deposit it in a rainwater harvesting tank until you're ready to repurpose it for other uses. You'll find a wealth of information and resource on our website if you're interested in recycling rainwater and saving money.

Rainwater Harvesting For Commercial Buildings

Wahaso designs and builds durable systems for rainwater harvesting for commercial buildings. Our equipment is compact, smartly designed, and built to last, allowing you to increase sustainability and demonstrate to your customers that you are committed to the green revolution. Inquire about our systems by calling 800-580-5350.

Stormwater Management

Wahaso can help your commercial business torn a liability into an asset with Stormwater Management equipment that filters and cleans stormwater collected from ground level areas around your building and repurposing it for irrigation and toilet flushing. Take a closer look at our compact design when you visit Wahaso online.

Stormwater Harvesting

Stormwater harvesting has been made easy and affordable by Water Harvesting Solutions. If you're looking for a way to convert all of your ground level stormwater to usable, clean, non-potable water for your lawn irrigation or toilet flushing, we invite you to check out our smartly designed collection equipment online at Wahaso.

Our mission at Wahaso is to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative and sustainable water practices.

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