Rainwater System

Rainwater System

Rainwater harvesting is an eco-friendly way of offsetting your water utility bills. In temperate areas with heavy rainfall, rainwater collection is a sustainable way of meeting your water needs in residential and commercial settings. For a home, rainwater is clean, high-quality drinking water, useful in gardening and other assorted indoor uses.

We believe in custom rainwater harvesting systems. While our products have a shared design language, we like to work with owners to design and build a system that works with the architecture of your home. A system that blends into your home's landscape is less imposing, combining function and aesthetics in a way that doesn't affect your exterior design.

Harvested water should be high quality and secure enough to protect it from contamination. Our service incorporates these concerns into the design and eventual build. We inspect your roof to determine its suitability, and once passed, we clear and detail your gutters to improve their suitability as conduits. Finally, we set up the disinfection equipment to ensure what comes from your tap is clean and potable.


We offer various rainwater harvesting solutions to fit every budget and scale. There is something for all kinds of homes, from simple, easy-to-install systems to complex underground ones. Our products are performance tested to ensure functionality regardless of your region's weather patterns.

Our subsurface system is one of our more sophisticated offerings and is suitable for homes with spacious yards. It recirculates water and has a sub-surface reservoir, ideal for outdoor use such as irrigation or outdoor water features.


The components of rainwater harvesting systems are designed with maintenance in mind. This forward-thinking approach is cost-friendly in the long term and leads to higher customer satisfaction. We provide detailed manuals of how our systems work and list preventive maintenance tasks to ensure longevity. Included also are cleaning procedures and other essential checklists.


Harvesting rainwater is a good water management practice. It reduces your reliance on the municipal supply by offering you a pure, untreated source of potable water. You eventually pay less on your water bill.

A remote owner far from the grid can meet most of their household water needs through rainwater collection. It saves cost by reducing the need to import their water.

It is environmentally friendly as it reduces runoff and erosion. Harvested water is ideal for irrigation as it has no treatment chemicals.

In areas where the supplied water is hard, rainwater offers a more suitable alternative. Rainwater is friendlier to your appliances and your laundry.

Having an effective water consumption strategy is as important as collecting the water. It is critical for commercial rainwater collection systems that can harvest large volumes of water. Using a passive distribution method through gravity and an active one through water pumps effectively channels the water to utilization points. This consumption ensures no storage overflows, which would defeat the purpose of harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting is an underutilized sustainability measure. The initial investment is worth it, given how impactful this project is over the long term. Please contact Water Harvesting Solutions at 800-580-5350 or email info@wahaso.com for a free quote.

Rainwater System

Our mission at Wahaso is to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative and sustainable water practices.

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