Grey Water System

Grey Water System

Greywater is the water we use gently, such as the washing machine, shower, and sinks. This kind of household water does not come into contact with human waste and is perfectly safe to reuse in areas like the garden and landscape. Authorities fully support this system and even encourage people to install them at home or in business.

Harvesting greywater for continuous use around the home can become more complicated than you anticipate. You need a company that will help with the installation process and ensures the water is cleaner and safer for all your landscaping needs. Check out the following information to learn all the pros and cons of the greywater system.

Pros Of A Grey Water System

At Home

The standard greywater system is helpful around the home when you remove dirt and debris and circulate it back to the toilet system or the washing machine. A more advanced system can remove a lot more than dirt; it will also get rid of the soap, toxins, and bacteria so that you can reuse them in your drinking water.

The greywater system will save any massive home amounts of money because you will only need a minuscule amount of water from the municipal system to fulfill all your household needs. A system like this may cost a lot to install, but it is entirely free afterward, and you will only have to pay a small maintenance fee to keep it in tip-top shape.

Can you afford to install one greywater treatment methods for businesses and establishments today? Take a small step by starting with one that can circulate the greywater back to the garden, and you will soon save enough money for a better one that replaces all the water from the public line.

Garden Use

As stated, it is easier to recycle the water back to the garden than reuse it in the home. The pros of this commercial greywater treatment method are that the purification process will be shorter and more accessible, and the project will be cheaper to install and maintain.

Pumping greywater through an irrigation system is better when your soaps and detergents contain phosphates and other beneficial nutrients because the soil will be healthy to support better plants.

Cons of the greywater irrigation system

It Is Difficult To Separate The Water

The greywater filtration solutions are relatively easy to use but not the easiest to install. It is inadvisable to channel the water directly from your house to the garden because you will expose your plants to harmful elements like boron and possibly even deplete the entire landscape of any vegetation after continued use. Luckily, we can handle all of these things for you, so all you will ever have to do is turn the taps on and off to pump clean water to the garden.

Many other issues could complicate greywater harvestings, such as using storage that fosters terrible bacteria overgrowth or a filter that does not remove harmful elements like hairs.

We consider all of these things when creating the greywater system and believe you will benefit from scheduling personalized consultation with the technical specialists. Contact us for fast feedback on the multi-stage greywater filtration system.

Our mission at Wahaso is to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative and sustainable water practices.

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