Water Harvesting Solutions

Commercial buildings can save millions of gallons of potable water each year by harvesting rainwater, greywater, stormwater, and condensate for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, and cooling tower make-up. Wahaso provides complete design/build services, consulting with engineers to determine the best strategy for a project and fabricating a fully integrated system.

Hvac Sales Saskatoon

Hvac Sales Saskatoon

The HVAC system installed in your house is old and the need to purchase a new updated system has become an urgent need. But who should you trust for such a big investment, the one who should help you get a system which is best suited for your needs?

Rec Plumbing Inc. is a professional plumbing service that can assist you to find the best-suited HVAC system for your house. Our HVAC sales Saskatoon brings a special chance to find the system at an affordable rate and preeminent quality.

The fully insured, bonded and reliable technicians understand what a house need and which system will best work in which environment. Therefore it makes us the first choice by many Saskatoon residents.

Different Types of HVAC system

An HVAC system bought once is enough to serve you for more than 10 years if maintained and used properly. Therefore before jumping on to buy the next new unit, understanding what types serve which purpose the best.

  • A ductless AC systems: This has different units for various part of your house. You can heat and cool the desired room of the house with varying temperatures.
  • Heating and cooling split units: They are suitable for the areas which require less heating and cooling to cool and warm the house.
  • Hybrid split system: They are similar to split units but are more energy efficient. The regions which require you to change the temperature due to changing climate.
  • Geothermal heat pump: This system uses the earth's temperature to facilitate heating and cooling. They are costly to install but their annual operation cost is low and lets you save in long run.

How Do Our HVAC Sales Work?

We provide access to a large variety of HVAC systems in Saskatoon. With our contacts and connections, we help you purchase the best system that will be enough to fulfill your needs. Our HVAC sales representative in Saskatoon suggest what does your home need and the latest models that can help you save on bills and that will be able to serve you for a long time. Purchase HVAC system through our extensive networks and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.

Why Buy Your System Through Us?

Whether your house wants an HVAC system replacement or you need to install a new one in your newly furnished house Rec Plumbing Inc. is the choice you need to consider. Here are some reasons why buying your system through us is the best decision you will ever make:

  • Professional Contractor: What makes as professional? All our technicians and Saskatoon HVAC sales representatives are fully trained and qualified to deal with all types of equipment. When you buy from professionals you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.
  • Latest high-efficiency models: Most of the models available with us are highly efficient and let you save energy and money on utility as well. The cooling and heating capacity is heightened and is capable enough to serve generations.
  • Honest Opinion: Our motive is not to sell products or services but it is to satisfy our customers and fulfill their needs. After understanding your needs we suggest you the model that will properly fit your demands.

Receive A Free Estimate

Our HVAC service company in Saskatoon provides comprehensive plumbing and HVAC services to the people of Saskatoon. If you are also in need of reliable and durable service contact us to receive a free estimate at https://recplumbing.ca/free-estimate/

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Our mission at Wahaso is to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative and sustainable water practices.