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Water Harvesting Solutions is happy to share these links and other resources that visitors may find helpful as they learn more about water harvesting.

Green Roofs:

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is an association dedicated to bringing practical green roof solutions to our cities. It was organized in 1999 to focus on the benefits of green roofs and barriers to industry development. Here is another article on green roofs.

Sustainable Irrigation Designs:

Our partner in designing irrigation systems using harvested water from our systems is Landtech. Landtech provides consulting services for irrigation systems that can deliver truly sustainable irrigation using harvested water.

Pervious Pavement:

Learn about this passive approach to reducing rainwater run-off from parking lots while helping to recharge aquifers.

World Water Shortage:

We support Water.Org as an international non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to all people in the world. We encourage you to support them as well.

Low Impact Living:

LILI is a non-profit organisation promoting practical ways you can reduce your impact on the environment, learn new skills, save money and have fun.

Harvest H2O:

The online rainwater harvesting community, dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices for individuals, families, communities, and businesses.

Funding Resources:

There are an increasing number or resources to help fund projects that reduce water use or help to resolve stormwater issues in watershed areas. This link may be helpful to you: EPA Fundraising Alternative Tool

NYC Grant Program:

New York City recently renewed it’s Green Initiatives Grant Program with $4 million available for harvesting systems that reduce stormwater runoff. NYC Grant Program

Illinois Grant Program:

Illinois offers a similar Green Infratstructure Grant program to support initiatives that include rainwater harvesting. This year’s funding is for $2 million. Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program

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Water Harvesting Solutions only provides services for commercial and institutional buildings. Homeowners interested in harvesting rainwater or greywater are encouraged to review the following links:

Residential Rainwater Harvesting

The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association is the official rainwater harvesting association. Their website offers resources for homeowners and has lists of suppliers for small systems.

The two most popular books on rainwater harvesting are from Brad Lancaster. Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volumes 1 & 2, show you how to turn water scarcity into water abundance by creating an integrated, multifunctional water-harvesting plan specific to your site. Volume one covers Guiding Principles and Volume 2 focuses on Water-Harvesting Earthworks. Visit Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond.

Georgia also recently published guidelines for rainwater harvesting. Georgia Rainwater Harvesting Guide.

Are you Wasting Water Through Dripping Faucets?

If you have dripping faucets, then you are wasting water every minute, and those drips really dd up! You could be wasting thousands of gallons a year!  Just 30 drips per minute adds up to over 1,500 gallons wasted per year.  You can calculate your daily water loss with this calculator tool.

Residential Greywater Harvesting

Greywater (gray water) Reuse: Recent legislation in California has changed building codes so that homeowners can capture greywater from washing machines and apply it directly to subsurface irrigation without treatment. Simple systems can be built by homeowners and installed without permits. This is a great starting point to begin to shift the reuse of water in California. If you wish to use shower and sink water for irrigation, you will need a permit. Please check your local municipality for restrictions and guidelines in your are.

For more information on subsurface irrigation, you can download an instructional document from Greywater Action or visit GreywaterAction.Org. Oasis Design,, offers a wide range of books and references on greywater, rainwater and other sustainable practices.