Greywater (Gray Water) Harvesting Systems

Wahaso Greywater Harvesting Systems

Greywater captured from showers, lavatory sinks, laundry and light commercial processes can be an excellent source of water, saving thousands or even millions of gallons of water per year. Given the contaminants inherent in greywater, it is important that any greywater system is designed properly. Wahaso’s greywater system for commercial properties has been certified to meet the IAPMO 324 standard and is currently undergoing testing for NSF/ANSI 350 certification at the IAPMO R&T Lab. The Wahaso system has been tested and proven to provide a safe, treated supply of water that can be used for a variety of non-potable applications.


The proprietary treatment train of Wahaso’s greywater provides an  astonishing level of treatment. Treatment includes filtration down to 0.02 microns, which removes suspended solids as well as bacteria and viruses. Filtered water is sanitized using UV, Cupridyne® and chlorine.

IAPMO 324 Certified

A system with third party certification can provide peace of mind that a system is reliable and safe. The Wahaso greywater system has IAPMO 324 certification, meeting or exceeding all of the standard’s requirements. Testing for NSF/ANSI 350 certification is ongoing at the IAPMO R&T Lab.

System Benefits

FULLY AUTOMATIC PROCESSING: Raw greywater is treated as it is generated to minimize the growth of harmful pathogens.

LOW MAINTENANCE: The system has been designed to run reliably for long intervals, with minimal maintenance required.

SCALABLE: The Wahaso greywater system can be scaled to treat from 2,000 to 200,000 gallons per day or more.

ROBUST CONTROLS: Wahaso’s proprietary control system is custom programmed to monitor and track all system activity.

INTEGRATED SYSTEM DESIGN: Wahaso’s greywater processing skids are pre-assembled and integrated into comprehensive
system designs that include all pumps, storage, filtration and controls.

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